With more than 20 years' experience in the world of luxury marketing and communication (12 years with LVMH Paris & London then consultant in Shanghai), I joined Be-YOU in 2012 as an Associate Director, having lived for 10 years in China. My professional expertise, combined with a boundless creativity and my passion for art, enables me to define a unique development strategy customised for each of the artists whom we represent. In other words, I shine a spotlight on their artistic work — "lux" meaning light in Latin. I provide a 360-degree promotion for them: positioning the artist, communication and commercial development strategy, participation in Salons, collaborations with other artists, and producing our own exhibitions. I am active in the EVENTS section of the agency — essentially in the part of the event concerned with the choice of the theme and its artistic roll-out. 

Founder member of the agency in 2011 and Associate Director, I produce all our events. I am the architect, the builder, of the Be-YOU team; the person who takes an idea, a feeling, a main theme, draws up a plan and stages the experience that will highlight your brand. I am passionately meticulous about these logistics, and the attention to detail which allows the unforeseen to be transformed into an opportunity. I worked for 10 years managing the careers of international tennis players and organising sports events (ProServ – ISE International), then ten further years in the world of airlines (Corsair and Air Liberté) as Operational Marketing Manager, so my palette of skills contains all the colours of the events industry. I am active in the ART operations, in calls for projects, administrative and digital follow-up of artists, and in the organisation of logistics for exhibitions and Salons. 

Sunshine Tiger details,

Laure Hatchuel-Becker



Carol Becker Lacave

In charge of Art activities

Associate Director


Frederique Favro

In charge of Events
Associate Director


Agency founded in 2011


Patricio Apey

Non-executive Director

CEO of ACE Group, London

I am a Non-executive Director of Be-YOU based in London, and initiated Frédérique and Carol's meeting and working together. I joined them in 2013. I am an agent for world-renowned athletes such as Gilles Simon and Stefanos Tsitsipas in the tennis world, and my real passion is discovering future talents and bringing them to the height of their careers, managing their development and their promotion. 

I am the founding President of the private UK "The Boodles" tennis tournament, and I handle all aspects of sports events. For Be-YOU I act as a consultant, advising on promoting artistes and on Events activities, securing the best talents in the worlds of tennis, golf, football, polo etc, for hospitality events


Anne Mortier

Events co-producer
Director of the Stay Tunes Agency

I have been immersed in the organisation of artistic events for more than 25 years, and I apply my know-how to the world of Entertainment, the events that we have been co-producing with Be-YOU since 2016. With my feet on the ground and my head in the stars, I offer the chance to share special moments with artistes and other leading figures. I am committed to bringing all the human, aesthetic and technical conditions together so that they will combine to create the very best situation and create the alchemy that will provide an unforgettable experience for you. 


Carol Becker Lacave

Frédérique Favro